In 2021 we launched CardanoPuzzleNFT project. In six months we dropped:

  1. CardanoPuzzle NFT Launch Tokens
  2. Collection-0, 100 unique NFTs drawn by Riccardo Bucchioni
  3. East vs West Monsters, collab with CardanoRobin project, 200 NFTs drawn by Riccardo Bucchioni & FONXI

We have to thank all the people which have supported each of our drops, they motivated us to improve our project.

Now, in 2022 we want to change a bit the core of our contents! We want to create something more tangible with our drops!

The fixed points for 2022 are:

  1. January: Creation of CardanoPuzzleNFT Jungle!, a forest created on Treedom which can be increased by you guys, using the tokens which we will provide in future drops and giveaway! In this way we can create a true forest associated to the people we are supporting our NFT concept!
  2. February: 4×4 Puzzle, each puzzle drawn by a different CNFT project! This project will take several months and create the first CNFT patchwork work! We have delayed the date launch cause of technical issues but it will permit to increase our community to attract more buyers! (P.S. first piece amazing work by our artist Riccardo!)
  3. July/August: Collection 1! New 4-Pieces Puzzle drawn by a new artist! We have very cool ideas that can be developed during the following months and we are very proud and excited about it!
  4. Sustaining and improving our community and social along the year, with giveaways, collaborations and rewards for the holders (do you remember the raffle at the end of collection-0? Spacebud 5640 was gifted to an OG collector!…. sooo keep an eye on our project… more is yet to come!)