We enter into CNFT world a morning, the day after Spacebudz release.

I (Cat20) had studied a lot about ADA and I could see its potential, but I was a real noob about NFT in general!

When I found this cool CNFT project I typed to Jerle and Francesco55 and we decided to purchase 3 Spacebudz (we minted a cat, a dog and an elephant (yes an elephant!!!)).

Since then, we have purchased different projects (above Spacebudz https://spacebudz.io/, we are very confident on CardanoBits https://cardanobits.art/, Cardanoverse https://www.cardanoverse.io/, Cryptoknitties https://knitties.io/, Claymates https://www.claymates.org/ NFTs and many more).

CardanoPuzzle NFT was developed for two main reasons:

  1. We want to give the opportunity to those artist who are not expert in minting and/or NFTs in general to promote their art in a different way. We strongly believe NFTs can change the way of making art!
  2. Although a lot of CNFT drops look very cool and you can see a kind of art in it, we saw too many projects with too much supply and too little variation in the subjects. Our aim is to promote low supply NFTs with high quality art!

Finally, these names are also our Discord Name, so, if you want, you can join us on Discord!