Part of our gains will be devoted on CardanoPuzzleNFT Jungle, a forest created using Treedom.

During drops and giveaways we will release special Tree Tokens for free, which can be redeemed to plant trees in our forest!

Here the link of the forest:

We have started with 5 Trees, the next one will be the ones you will plant using our tokens! Enjoy it!

Planted Trees so far:

  1. Cacao plantGuatemala – Redeemed by L – ID 3P9-DEZ.
  2. Banana treeCameroon – Redeemed by Lamberto – ID: 3XX-8YV
  3. Coffee plant Colombia – ID: ERJ-4G5
  4. Grevillea plant Kenya – Available for the redeem – ID: L36-R4G
  5. Coffee plantColombia – Available for the redeem – ID: Z5Y-4EX